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    Thank you for visiting the homepage of Control & Instrumentation Engineering.
    Control & Instrumentation Engineering was installed in 1985 for the sound development of Changwon mechanical industrial complex founded in 1874, and was designated as the special department of this college at the same time, and it opened a doctor's course first time in school in 1992.


    The industrial graduate school was opened in 1993 and received the intensive support of about 57 billion won from the companies such as government, Gyeongsang south province, Changwon City, and Doosan Heavy Industry as being designated as a national policy college of engineering as a supervision college of mechatronics field in 1994 to arrange a foundation for the academic development. Also, it was designated as the supervision college of the mechatronics field for thebrain Korea 21st business of the government in 1999 and received the support of about 20 billion won for 7 years, and it incorporated the Control & Instrumentation
    Engineering into the mechatronics engineering department in order to raise the educational effect in 2000.
    The mechanical engineering is connected to almost all fields of the engineering that explores the general technology ranging from the mechanical design to the production in order to research the principle of the natural world about the mechanical technology making the human life convenient such as the aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, all kinds of construction equipment and to put it to practical use.


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