School of Mechanical Engineering

Foster Mechanics Professional Intellectuals as a pillar in the top of national industry complex

Strategy Goal Education strategy The vision of the Department of association
Professionality Securing Professionality for graduates Mechanics Principle & Study Theory for major, CAD Basic, Language Education Reinforcement Foster Mechanics Professional Intellectuals Leading Mechatronics Technology
International Exchanges Language Ability / Understand a Foreign Culture Regularization of Foreign Exchange Credits, Development of English Lecture of Foreign Instructor
Improving the Quality of Employment Continuous Career Guidance & Top Company Employment Strategy Developing Lecture of Midium Sized Enterprises for job track, Lecture Program for Major track

Department Characterization mid / long-term Strategy

Promote Strategy & Method

CNU the nine core capabilities based on NCS CNU-MCS
Personality Accomplishments Vocational Ethics Vision for the design development capacity Communication Ability Interpersonal relationship ability Problem solving ability Information technology ability Global ability Basic infrastructure capacity Personal capacity Expertise Fusion capabilities Industrial infrastructure capacity

Curriculum-making of Mechatronics education comply with the characterization project & Strategy of improving quality.

Outstanding undergraduate training & support plan

Characterization Plan by year

Category Main project contents Annual Note
1st year 2st year 3st year 4st year 5st year
Major in deepening Practice type major in deepening lecture development
Supporting academic conference
Out standing graduation thesis prize
Supporting bachelor's degree and master linkage process
Education Environment Me-PSI Scholarship Freshman/Student
Me-PSI Originality Lab. Undergraduate only
CAx Building a dedicated laboratory Secure space
Building a Mechatronics dedicated laboratory Secure space
Developing top company for job trsck More than 2 cases
Me-PSI supporting educational assistant
Internationalization Capability Foreign professor recuitment
Major in deepening language lecture oopen
Overseas credit exchanging program

Characterization Details

Category Details & Progress plan Effect
Practice type major in deepening lecture development CAx Lecture development, Control and Measurement & design and production Lecture development Nurturing experts versed in business
Supporting academic conference Supporting conference fee & an issue of the Journal Maximization An understanding of major & logical ability, Differences from other University / Acquire excellence
Outstanding graduation thesis prize College graduation thesis on competition & Awards Thesis announced voluntary participation
Supporting bachelor's degree and master linkage process Expanding linkage process & Me-PSI scholarship First of all payment Professionality reinforcement & Imporving the Quality of Employment
Me-PSI scholarship Supporting freshman scholarship for attraction outstanding freshman, National scholarship for the dean's list each semester Attraction outstanding students Improving educational attainment
Me-PSI Originality Lab. Building a Lab. for improving major ability & undergraduate creativity, Building a originality Lab. in the School of Electrotechnics An academic atmosphere composition & Facilitate the discussion group
CAx Building a dedicated laboratory Analysis fo a dedicated equipment & S/W construction basic equipment, Additional practical equipment Understanding to application On-site practical of major lecture Practical learning to Control and Measurement & design and production
Building a Major dedicated laboratory Hardware experiment equipment, Additional practical equipment
Developing top company for job trsck Linkage of top company employment, Developing for job trsck Securing top company employment rate & Graduate career diversification
Me-PSI supporting educational assistant Supporting experiment/Practice assistant fee Improving the Quality of education
Foreign professor recruitment Recruiting foreign nationality 2nd year full-time foreigner / Processing Non-full-time recruitment Imporving Internationalization Capability
Major in deepening language lecture open Establishing english lecture about major Expanding english lecture Sense of Internationalization & Learning of basic major english
Overseas credit exchanging program Sending an exchange student to Overseas elite college / Exchanging credits each year more than 4 undergraduate students Experiment of advancing abroad & Understanding culture